What problem does Fantomlive solve?

Fantomlive project is Launchpad decentralized protocol and Livestream — Metaverse ecosystem.

At Fantomlive users can:
1) Simple token generation
2) Lock token & Lp-Token
3) Create launchpad 100% blockchain
4) Create Claim Airdrop in the form of Whitelist or Livelist
5) Watch Livestream to earn Tokens (See to earn)
6) Watch live-crypto (Presale-Live) for a chance to win livelist tickets to buy IDO
7) Watch live- crypto (Airdrop -Live) for a chance to win livelist Airdrop tickets
8) Watch live- AMA ( AMA-Live ) have a chance to get rewards.
9) Live-metaverse (Use 3D glass to immerse yourself in 3D, 4-dimensional space to be able to watch IDOL livestream)

We are a full ecosystem for a rapidly growing project using 100% blockchain technology.

The process of taking a project from the beginning of the idea to success.

Create Token -> Launch Airdrop campaign -> project owner use Airdrop — Live (KYC)-> Launch Launchpad -> project owner use Presale- Live-> successfully raise capital-> Organize AMA-> Successful project



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