Amory Vinh

👉@Nulsio is a global open source blockchain project that is a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure. Nuls Coin consists of a micro-kernel and functional modules. NULS provides smart contracts, multi-chain mechanisms, and cross-chain consensus.

What will be supported at Nusl #Fantomlive?
1) Staking #NULS will get FTL with APY up to 20% through Nuls blockchain POCM mechanism
2) #FantomLive will be listed on Multi-Chain bridge: to help support FTL conversion between BSC, ETH, Fantom, #Nuls, Heco.
3) Reach Nuls’ strong investor community (listed on Binance).
4) Marketing Ads from #Nuls Blockchain.
5) Listed on 2 exchanges of Nuls, NerveNetwork and NerveDEX.

Hope this cooperation will lead to future success.
#Fantomlive #Nuls #Partner #POCM #Web3 #FTL #FTM #Fantom

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🔥Congratulations to #FantomLive’s Whitelist IDO program on great succes🔥

- Total Entries: 232146

- Participants: 16570

- Partner Media: 136 Channels.

Thank you all for this sincerity.

We are making a list of IDO Whitelist that will be announced today.

Once again we thank you very much.


FantomLive Team!

🎉The upcoming event of #FantomLive will be held on January 3rd

⭐️Mainnet Launchpad Protolcol, Staking 4.0 (Miner features), Dex Exchange Launch, List Dex & Cex, Happy New Year, Super Airdrop (reward 10 VR glasses).

💪But don’t forget January 3, 2022 will start selling IDO.

IDO information here:



#Fantomlive owns Web 3.0 technology that allows users to create: Launchpad, Airdrop, Livestream, Donate, Whitelist without the participation of human management.

#Fantomlive will be fully automated through 100% Blockchain, all data will be connected together and public on Blockchain.

Next plan:
December 2 : Launching UI/UX Logic #Fanlaunch, #Fanmint, #Fandrop, #Fanlock, #Fanswap.
December 17: Mainnet launches #Fantomlive features.
December 30: Launching IDO on famous IDO platforms.

Everyone wait for our news.